Another layout update

So when I was a kid building little hobby websites on Geocities and then later in real HTML I would change the layouts of my websites all. the. time. Like, weekly probably. And back in those days CSS was only just barely a thing so it was not as simple as updating a css file-- I was still using the in-html styles that I learned from which I only just found out is still a thing and that it still has the same frames guide that I used.

I. loved. using. frames.

Regardless of how cheated I feel for becoming an expert at the multi-frame layout in the early 2000s, it forces me to reflect on how the web is just so much less creative than it used to be when it was new. Most company websites that I see and that I'm tasked to build are a lot of the same, and it's been noticed for a while already. This website will always try to be a promise to not fit into new web design norms, borrowing where I can some of my favorite styles from years ago (... but no frames).

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