What have I been up to? And what is a now page?


My husband and I are wrapping up our first year of home-ownership, finally working on selecting our last big furniture pieces and actually settling in.

Personal and professional life bleeding into each other a little bit as I have been working from home since mid-March. Love that commute has been removed and that I get to hang out with my furry babies all day.


Building TONS of websites for 160over90. Practicing CSS magic and passing my practice to willing colleagues. Helping assess web projects built across the 160over90 digital teams on web accessibility. Also doing a little bit of web design. Working from home for the foreseeable future.

Recent launches

  • site build - WordPress website with Twig + Vue front end, ACF Pro to build out site content, and multi-lingual support through WPML. January 2021.
  • landing page build - Lead developer, Vue front end, features GSAP animations. November 2020.
  • site build - Worked closely with our art director on the first public-facing website for this financial firm. October 2020.
  • front end build - Reviewed accessibility concerns, diagnosed issues, and prescribed solutions. September 2020.
  • site build - A redesign and rebuild of (a site I built in 2018) to reflect a new partnership and branding. October 2020.
  • shop portal - The team's introduction to Shopify development, made adjustments to a starter theme to match brand and design requirements. November 2020.