What have I been up to? And what is a now page?

This page was last updated in December 2023.


This winter I'm focusing on a few personal goals to bring into 2024:

  • Improving my fitness: I built up my home gym over the summer, and I've been exercising consistently since August and trying not to lose that momentum 💪.
  • I got into a reading kick also over the summer, I read 25 books over the last half of 2023. Trying to keep that going into the new year.
  • Brushing up on some web dev stuff. Of everything I'm trying, I like Astro's flexibility and performance!


I'm still at The Stable / Accenture, where I'm working full-time on the Skims web team, which has been an exciting client to work with. I'm the tech lead to seven other projects, and I'll be overseeing some big changes in those projects in Q1.

If you're looking for information on my work history, you'll find that here.