What have I been up to? And what is a now page?

This page was last updated in December 2022.


I've been doing guitar lessons for over 6 months now, still having a blast. Splurged on one of the lower-end Gibson SG models that I love playing, but I'm still looking into buying a classical guitar next.

Have been kind of nostalgic lately and have been Pokemon card collecting. Hit me up if you're looking to trade B).


Recently celebrated a one-year anniversary with Nacelle, where I am a Senior Frontend Engineer on their Professional Services team. I work in client codebases on a range of tasks, including making optimizations that could improve conversion rates to updating interfaces when their site needs a new look.

I mostly work with Nuxt (Vue) and NextJS (React) along with the Nacelle API (either through their custom SDK or through GraphQL queries).

Sites that I have worked on include:

  • Sunday Scaries
  • BUBS Naturals
  • Concealment Express
  • Rhone
  • Ballsy
  • Boll & Branch


Before Nacelle I was a Frontend developer that specialized in UI and UX development with 160over90. I was there for about four and a half years, and got to work on a lot of fun projects. These are some of the highlights from the last year I was there: